Dataliner Line Laser Measuring System - Refurbished

  ... A Laser Aided Square Angel
The Dataliner Line Laser Measuring System consists of a length and a width measuring rail positioning around the vehicle like a square angle.  It uses a Line Laser which projects the beam through an “Automaster” or beam splitter. Targets are hung under the chassis on bolts or in holes according to a Dataliner Data Chart printed out from a Galaxy CD-ROM.  Length, width and height can be measured.  The Beam Splitter can be used for upper body measurements.  The McPherson Gauge will check the suspension struts.

The Dataliner Line Laser Measuring System is a high-end accurate measuring system. It is technician friendly with continuous verification while the vehicle is being pulled.  The Galaxy Software enables you to print out Factory Specification, Damage Report and After Repair Report.

CM-400R includes three free stands to be used with any kind of frame machine on the market.

With the Dataliner Laser Measuring System, a car can be measured on its wheels while using only two attachments to the car. Since the measuring system can be left in place, setup time is minimal.

The laser beam can be easily directed to any upper body or suspension location for comparison measurements

With our unique beam splitter, control points can be measured without having any attachments on the vehicle. Suspension points and wheel angles can be quickly and easily measured for any deviations or misalignments.

Our laser measuring system can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. Your vehicles can even be measured on their wheels, while on the floor.

Suspension Points
Any suspension point can easily be measured for height, length and width.

A free stand is shown is the photos.

Wheel Angles
Wheel positions and wheel angles can easily be measured with the laser beam.

Continuous Verification
Your technician can readily observe measurement changes while the vehicle is being pulled.


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