DL 500 Echo

This ultimate machine for light to medium repairs is portable, half the size of a drive on, with 6 tons pulling power.

    Are you repairing light to medium hits?
    Are you concerned about cost?

    Are you looking for speed and simplicity?
    You don’t really need another full size frame machine to take up more shop space?
    Then the Dataliner 500 Echo is the right answer.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Fits under any vehicle
  • 360 degree pulling
  • Half the size of a drive-on
  • Ultimate machine for light to medium hits
  • Easy to move around when necessary
  • Can be used as working platform

All the Dataliner drive-on racks are using the same hydraulic equipment.


  • LIFTING CAPACITY:    5,500 LBS / 2500 KG
  • LENGTH:  12’6” / 3370 MM
  • WIDTH: 3’3” / 1000 MM
  • WEIGHT:  1320 LBS / 600 KG
  • WORKING HEIGHT:  4” to 25” / 100 - 615 MM


 1) Simply drive over echo

 2) Put the chassis clamps in position

 3) Raise the vehicle to convenient working height

 4) Easy access around and under the vehicle

 OPTIONS .. go with both pulls to set up the Echo for multiple pulls at the same time!

Dozer Pull

Vector Pull


The chassis brackets come in three different heights. The picture is showing the lower style chassis bracket with the standard clamp.

With the side pull beam you are able to make 360° pulls on the DL 500 Echo.

Wheel stands are also available for alternative loading and for loading vehicle on the suspension.

This picture shows the down pull bracket mounted on the DL 500 Echo.

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