11M Interactive Spot Welder

The Dataliner 11M Interactive spot welder assures strength, quality and confidence in all the repairs that you do.

This welder has many preprogrammed functions that will allow you to obtain a near perfect job every time.

An exclusive feature of the 11M Interactive machine is the ability to change tools from single sided welding to double sided welding and vice versa.

This procedure can be done without disconnecting any cable or modifying any setting on the display.

Not only does this welder perform single and double sided welds, it can perform many different types of dent removing, heat shrinking for high spots and metal retensioning of stretched panels.


  • WINDING: Copper
  • SUPPLY:  240V
  • ELECTRICAL BREAKER:  60 Amps, Slow
  • MAX WELDING CURRENT: 11,000 Amps
  • OPEN VOLTAGE:  6-10 Volts
       Double Sided Gun 3+3 mm
       Single Sided Gun 1.5 mm
       Double Sided Gun
    2 m
       Single Sided Gun
    1.7 m
  • SETTINGS:  Digital
  • TIME SETTINGS: 1/100 of a second
  • DOUBLE SIDED GUN:  Air Operated


  • DOUBLE SIDED GUN:  Automatic Air Cooled
  • SINGLE SIDED GUN: Automatic Air Cooled
  • COPPER CABLES: Automatic Air Cooled
  • COPPER ARMS & ELECTRODES:  Automatic Air Cooled
  • TRANSFORMER: Fan Cooled



Extended Straight Arms & Electrodes, 350 mm or 500 mm ( Std. Arms 165 mm)

Rocker Panel Arms and Electrodes

Wheel House Arms and Electrodes

Arms for Narrow Spaces

Tip Dresser to Sharpen the Spot Weld Tips

Small Angel Disc Grinder for Easy Access


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