DL 9000G Frame Machines

The Dataliner DL 9000 full-size frame machine has some excellent features. It has a built in air supply system that allows you to connect air lines through out the machine.

It also has a rolling pit lift for exceptionally fast and easy mounting of the vehicle to the chassis clamps. It allows for simultaneous 360 degree pulling, single pulling or even straight-up pulling using 10 tons of power.

This frame machine is great for "light hits to hard hits". It will accommodate small unibodies, frame cars, vans and pick-up trucks. Like all our drive-ons, the 9000 is a perfect work station for mechanical work, suspension work, wheel alignment work and body work.

All the Dataliner drive-on racks are using the same hydraulic equipment.

360 Pulling Access

Multiple Pulls For Accurate Results

Pit Lift For Quick Loading

Air Outlets All Around The Machine


  • LIFTING CAPACITY:  3500 KGS  / 7,700 LBS
  • LENGTH:  5100 MM /  16 8
  • WIDTH: 1950 MM  / 6 5
  • WEIGHT:  900 KGS /  1980 LBS
  • HEIGHT ABOVE FLOOR:  490-710 MM  / 19 - 28



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